Thursday, July 14, 2011

French Bachelorette Pad

This is what living in a French château bachelorette pad looks like. Morgane Sezalory works for company French fashion brand Les Composantes and spends a lot of time working from home (home being located in the posh 4th arrondissement) meaning her home is filled with props, shoes and clothes for days. Design*Sponge goes inside every woman's dream home...and life. 

"My favorite thing is the green chair I found eight years ago in a flea market in Digeon, 
which I think will follow me for the rest of my life!"

 "I do everything at my desk: think/design/draw/cut/select/write/pack. It’s my little world. 
I really like my mood board, which I made with the back of an old painting."

 "The kitchen is the heart of the flat."

 "I can sit here and spend hours reading."

 "We love collecting photography/painting books and invite people to look at them when they visit. 
The candelabra is from my boyfriend’s grandmother. It’s really old, and we use it a lot; it gives a very 
nice atmosphere to the room."

"Shoes for inspiration. I love the colors and the details, and most of them are handmade — they’re amazing!"

{all photos and quotes via Design*Sponge}

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