Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Things I Found Today (The September 14th Edition)

  • Well because it is the second week of school and I'm already victim to this horrible condition called Senioritis, I was quite pleased to come across Cramster. Cramster lets your download study guides for almost any college course, take practice tests, and also has a "Homework Help" section. Holla. 
  • I love projects like this. The "Before I Die" art project has everyone sharing their hopes, dreams, and aspirations on a public chalkboard wall. Check it out. 
  • The most organized and extensive "Drink Specials in Your City" website I've ever seen. This kind of inspires me to turn into an alcoholic. We all have to have dreams people.
  • This girl might just be the next Christina Perri. GET A CD OUT ALREADY. 

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