Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Look Into My Inspiration Folder: Part 1

Being the fashion nerd I am, Katherine Power is in my "Top 5 People I'd Die to Meet" list. She's one half of the powerhouse duo (co-founder and creative director) behind my digital fashion obsession, Who What Wear. I about died when The Coveteur (the website that frequents the homes of the fashionably elite) took a peek inside her stylish digs:

"The key to happiness in my closet is editing. I only keep out the items that I am wearing that moment, everything else is stored in bins until the season (or my mood) changes."

"This has been my uniform for the last two years. The combination completely sums up my style. My favorite leather jackets come from my friend’s line, Simone by Katie Nehra. Every season I order the same cut in a new color. The toughness of the jacket makes my favorite Equipment blouses feel less preppy. I have been wearing this combo lately with very dark wide leg J Brands and some high wedges."

"These Miu Miu platforms have got to be 8 or 10 years old, but I wear them literally ever summer. Certain summer vacation items never go out of style. The dress is by Clu and I wear it in our new book. Sadly I don’t have a lot of time to shop, so I end up buying things straight off of the shoots. The necklace is part of a two piece set that Justin bought me at The Way We Wore for my birthday a few years ago."

"These boots are by Maje - one of my favorite French labels. This is a great “Friday” shoe when I just can’t take a high heel anymore. The necklace is vintage Chanel and the shirt is Simone by Katie Nehra. It’s completely slashed in the back."

"I collect a lot of these vintage advertisements. They make great gifts if you frame them."

"This little cocktail dress is by Marchesa. I borrowed it for New Years eve from a friend but ended up getting too sick to go out. I’m hoping something else will be coming up where I can wear it."

"I wore this skirt during fashion week. Maxi skirts are so comfortable, I’m glad they’re not just reserved for summer anymore."

See more pictures here

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