Sunday, November 13, 2011

11 Things to Give Up Just For One Day

(from Glamour Magazine)

1. The headphones that block out the entire—wow, is that what a bird sounds like?

2. Those wobbly heels, the bag big enough to hold a small child—anything you wear that hurts.

3. That second Jager bomb. 

4. Being so superwoman-y that you forgot to even taste the lunch you're eating over your keyboard.

5. Saying "yes" when you're feeling "no."

6. Slouching. Also: wallowing. 

7. Texting. Isn't your little sister's voice so nice?

8. Your fear of flying. Take a deep breath (and by "deep breath" we just might mean "Ambien") and go somewhere amazing. 

9. Processed foods. Just to prove you can.

10. Procrastinating. And, no, you can't put that off until next month. 

11. Rolling your eyes. Difficult, but extremely effective. 

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