Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crewcuts is so Baller.

Crewcuts is J.Crew's little-tyke line, if you're unfamiliar. If I'm being honest with ya'll ('cause that's what I do here, I unveil truths), I would shamelessly buy an XL in any of their clothing items... 

...iiiinCLUding the boys stuff. (Hint to all the ladies: the boys section is actually a GREAT place to buy blazers, military-style jackets, flannel shirts, etc. They fit great and are always WAY cheaper.)

How do these kids look so "No I actually AM this awesome, thanks though,"? Example: last photo. Homegirl is WERKIN that sequin-cardigan-dress-striped-socks-moccasin combo. Good for her. I'm not even mad that if I stepped out in said ensemble my eye sight or drug use would be severely questioned. Possibly both. 

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