Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh 'fer YUM.

Hommade Hostess Cupcakes. A WDITOT moment. This stands for "Why Didn't I Think Of That". I abbreviated it for my own purposes because it happens, frequently. Somebody patent my acronym. 

Tell me if I'm wrong. Everybody loves Hostess, and Twinkies, and DumDum Ho-Hos ..... or .... whatever the other ones are called .... but noooooobody wants to admit it because they are made out of nothing even close to real food and it's cool to be like, "I like things that are five ingredients or less" and I AM OUTING MYSELF. I LOVE ARTIFICIAL DESSERTS. Do you feel closer to me? 

But these are different. They are homemade. And that makes me feel safe to know that they can be produced in your kitchen and you don't have to buy them from somewhere that also sells spark plugs and icees. No hate on icees though. Plus they are in the form of a cupcake. And we all know how I feel about that. Carrying on. 

Recipe over at 52 kitchen adventures

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