Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beating The Winter Blues...

I once read in a magazine (I read a lot okay and I can't remember what magazine or what issue it was so sorry I can't be all AP citation right now) that happiness effects are longer-lasting when you spend money on something beauty-related (like new makeup, or a new hair-do) rather than something material-related (like a new pair of jeans). I do not know how one measures this sort of thing, but it makes sense doesn't it? Buying clothes is more of a one-time instant gratification while new makeup, a bright red manicure, or in this case, a great blowout gives you a little bit more swagger in your step. Treating yourself to something like this is a great way to beat winter blues, which, I don't know about you guys, but that crap hits me hard sometimes. 

So when I saw Joanna from A Cup of Jo post this article, I did an "Ugh!" Yes this sounds exactly like an "Ugh!" of disgust, but it's more "Ugh! Right on, sista!" JoAnna took herself on a solo date (also a big advocate of these) to Drybar, a salon that exclusively does blow-outs; aka the most genius idea ever to come into existence the end. 

It's so great to get out and do something just for you every once and awhile. Plus, how hot does she look?


 They bring you a fresh cup of coffee while they do your hair. ("Is this real life?!?" -- Me, if I ever go there.)

Ugh! .....There I go again. 

Other ways to treat yourself: 
  • Go to a yoga class
  • Buy yourself a chocolate milkshake. (The good kind. I don't care if you have to go to a restaurant and order it to go.) Then come home and turn on trashy TV.
  • Buy yourself a new perfume. And actually take time picking one out that you really, really like. 
  • Buy a positive print to hang on your wall. Like this one.
  • Make this. Cry over how good it tastes. Have it for breakfast. 'Cause you can. 

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