Monday, May 14, 2012

Life lately, according to my iPhone

Finally coming down from the whirlwind of activity that has soaked up my life these last two weeks. Does it ever happen that when you're so busy for a period of time and then all the sudden everything stops you can't stop feeling like you have a million things to do (but you really don't?) Ugh, it's the worst. 

So yes, life has been hectic these last few weeks, but here were some fun moments along the way: 

1. How dare I even announce this on a blog that is title-dedicated to my love for cupcakes, but, French macarons have taken over as my favorite dessert. The best ones in the cities are at Sweets Bakeshop and Patisserie 46.

2. This is Sadie. I swear to God, once you own a bulldog, no other pup can capture your heart quite like they can. I will not be argued on this. 

3. Drinking an Egg Cream on a sunny Friday afternoon at the most adorable new soda fountain candy shop in St. Paul.

4. Yelp! hosted a Kentucky Derby-esque rendezvous at the swank WXYZ bar in downtown Minneapolis. It was awesome. You can see more pictures here

5. My new favorite color combo: mint green and bright purple.

6. Sometimes you don't really need that dress, but it's just so summery and perfect you'd be an idiot to pass it up.

7. Was lucky enough to tag along to the opening of the Jonathan Adler store in Uptown (and YES I got to meet him, thanks Lauren!) If you're unfamiliar with Jonathan Adler....educate yo'self.

8. Pretty much the best drink ever at Bradstreet Crafthouse; the La Paloma. 

9. Molly brought me to a little gem of a boutique called Mara Mi in Stillwater. This place straight up took my breath away it was that much girly goodness. Obviously I've never said no to a coconut cupcake in my life so, that happened.

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