Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have a secret

I shop in the little boys section. 

This fisherman's sweater? $39 from L.L. Bean Boys. The medium fits absolutely perfect. I also recommend checking out the boys section of J.Crew, Gap, and Zara for things like plaid, white button ups, even the perfect green anorak coat. You'll be surprised what you find. Plus, it's a helluva lot cheaper WHICH I DON'T HATE. 

(Sweater: L.L. Bean, Chambray button up: Parc Boutique, Jeans: Gap, Necklace: Forvever 21, Watch: Michael Kors)


  1. I wish I could shop in the boys section. The sweater looks good on you.

  2. How funny that you shop in the children's section, but such a good idea haha! Love the sweater, would never have guessed it was designed for a young boy!


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