Thursday, March 8, 2012

OHP. The next style book I'mma gonna need.

I'm beginning to loathe the term "Parisian-chic" (start reading fashion magazines at a young age and it'll happen) but OH do those French ladies sure know how to dress....side note, I feel like this is a pretty consistent topic on my blog. Oh well. Deal. My blog not yours. 

Inès de la Fressange, a premiere model for Chanel in the 80's, (UMM BEST TIME EVER) has recently written a style guide for all us common folk who just don't have that boatneck-striped T/black skinnies/flats-combo down to a natural science yet. According to Fressange, only eight closet items are necessary to transform you from Average American dresser to French and Fresh. That alliteration was my own. Thank you. 

PS I would officially like to change my name to Liz de la Welle. 

Don't you love the layout?! I like how everything seems handwritten and scrapbooky. 

I can't get over how stinkin cute the pages are. 

Go forth. Be fashionably French. And buy the book here

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  1. Okay, I finally have to comment. Liz....I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Seriously, I check it out almost every day (some days, unfortunately, I am too damn busy!). I think if I were still married to your uncle, you would be my favorite niece. And I mean that. You are...oh, there are so many words, but none just seem right. Awesome and cool just don't cut it. Chic, uber cool, smart, stylized (so don't know if that's even a word!) and sophisticated? Maybe? Oh, I just can't put it into words. I just know I like you and I haven't even talked to you in forever. You definitely are no longer that little "Lisbit" that I remember. You are just all grown up. All I can say is that your mom and dad have to be so proud of you. Keep up the awesome job on your blog! LOVE IT!!!!!!


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