Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your Teenage Self vs Your 20-Something Self

Cuz' Thought Catalog never gets old. 


Teenage self: I’m rich! My parents just gave me twenty bucks to go out with my friends. That means I can afford a movie, a soft drink, and some candy! Must spend immediately. Burning a hole in my pocket. I love money!
20-something self: I hate money. Why does it cost so much money to simply exist? Why I can’t afford an iced mocha and some Sour Patch Kids? I really don’t ask for much. No one told me life was going to be this expensive. No one told me that if I get sick, I must pay insurance companies thousands of dollars. What’s more expensive? Cancer or a Birkin? WHAT DO YOU THINK?


Teenage self: I love to hate myself. I wish I was born with a better body. If I had a better clavicle bone, maybe the opposite sex would notice me!
20-something self: I’m a pretty dope person. Why doesn’t anyone realize that?


Teenage self: I get crazy wasted. Can I have another wine cooler?
20-something self: I pretend to get hungover after drinking one beer. I’m just so…old.


Teenage self: I’ve been in love once. I don’t think they knew I existed though.
20-something self: Love’s a necessary bitch.


Teenage self: Hate.
20-something self: Love.


Teenage self: Can’t wait to go. It’ll change my life!
20-something self: So. Much. Money.

Excuse to stay in

Teenage self: I have to finish my reading journal for King Lear.
20-something self: I’d rather wash my hair and watch Top Chef.

Style manta

Teenage self: This bracelet would look good with this necklace. And this necklace would look good with this headband. And this headband would look good with some wacky earrings!
20-something self: Messy meets sophistication meets go fuck yourself. Looking 12 and 80 years old all at the same time.

Fights with friends

Teenage self: I hate you today because I’m bored!
20-something self: I’m beginning to realize that I don’t like who you are as a person."

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