Tuesday, February 19, 2013

12 detrimental tips for the everyday gentleman

These are taken from one of the best books I've read in quite some time, Mindy Kaling's "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" Seriously, this book is a blue ribbon winner. Sure she spills on hilarious details from The Office, but aside from that she makes you feel completely at ease with any insecurity or moment of awkwardness you've ever had in life and does so with the sort of humor only Kaling can conjure. She's totally on par with my Amy Poehler girl crush...she's THAT good.

But this. THIS is key. Mindy writes how guys need to do pretty much nothing to be perfect, and she's so right. Guys, seriously, you have it so easy. Trust me when I say that all of us girls have thought at one point or another, "I could easily be the most flawless guy of all time." All you have to do is like, hold the door open and surprise us with a bottle of wine when you come over and you've pretty much got it down.  Okay there's a few more things than that, so let me help a brotha out:

1. Buy a well fitting coat from J.Crew (editor's [me] note: or any peacoat. In black or dark charcoal.)

2. Have a signature drink like James Bond. (Someone who knows their whiskeys is sexy.)

3. Own several pairs of dark wash straight leg jeans. No skinnies, just a nice pair of Levi's.

4. Wait until all the women have gotten on or off the elevator before you get on or off the elevator. A re-written reiteration of this section: women aren't chivalry nuts, but small acts of kindness are visual and SUPER memorable.

5. When you think a girl looks pretty, say it. There isn't one woman in the whole entire world who doesn't like to be told she looks nice. It's three words, you can do it. 

6. Don't ask if someone needs help in the kitchen or at a party, just start helping. This is sexy to every woman, I'm telling you right now. 

7. Have one great cologne that's not from the drugstore. (And my boyfriend can never wear Acqua di Gio because that's what my dad wears and even though it's super good smelling it's just....this can't work.)

8. Your girlfriend's siblings or parents might be totally nuts, but always defend them. This goes for us too, ladies. 

9. Kiehl's for your skin, Bumble and Bumble for your hair. "Maybe a comb. That is all you need. And when girls look in your medicine cabinet (which they will obviously do in the first five minutes of coming to your place), you'll look all classily self-restrained because you'll only have two beauty products. You're basically a cowboy." 

10. I really think guys only need two pair of shoes—a nice pair of black shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors. 

11. Bring wine or chocolate to everything. (I think Mindy's being a little exaggeratory here. What she means is important occasions and a surprise non-occasion every once in a blue moon.)

12. Get a little jealous every now and again, even if you're not strictly a jealous guy. "Too much and it's frightening, but a hand on her back at a party when your girlfriend looks super hot is awesome."


If you haven't yet picked up on this, this post is a full on endorsement for you to buy this book. Go to Barnes & Noble, go to the library, go to your Kindle, or whatever. And read. 

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  1. I've been watching her series and I love her so I've been wanting to pick up her book! I think I'll go this week and buy it! She's hilarious!


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