Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring break swim style

When my girls over at Styled With Strength asked for some fashion input for their swimsuit newsletter, I was all aboard, cuzzzz: 1. Any excuse to momentarily mentally transport myself from this hellish winter that feels like it is dragging on FOREVZ and 2. I'm more than happy to help these girls out in any way possible. If you haven't heard of Styled With Strength yet, you're probably about to. These ladies created a daily manifesto for bettering the mind, body, and soul. Every morning, around coffee brewing time (non-coincidence, I'm sure) an email arrives with some sort of empowering message, story or visual inspiration that really makes you want to be a better, well....everything — while at the same time making you feel completely normal for being completely imperfect. If you want to sign up for their "go get 'em, tiger" emails, just email You'll be glad you did.  

Sorry, none of them have links embedded, I stole this from their email blast. But if you search the websites they're not that hard to find! 

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