Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playing Dress Up....With Imaginary Money

For so long I have wanted to totally reinvent my whole wardrobe. Don't you wish you could do that sometimes? Throw out everything and totally start from scratch? If I could...I would totally include these WhoWhatWear outfits in my new purchases. 

This Montmarte's shirtdress, with...

...these romantic lace ankle boots (like I could ever walk in these in real life, but this is fantasy world people, remember?)

Or how about...
...this outdoorsy winter cardigan (Forever 21)

with these Gap gray skinny jeans (want, want, want)

topped off with these Nine West ankle boots...
and a side of cobalt blue in the form of a Coach purse. 

These next pieces could be worn all together or separately. For those daring to try a monochromatic look...
 Coats are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. Fact: sometimes I wear them as my outfit. Ex: trench, leggings, boots. How easy is that? 
Ps this charcoal number is super adorable and super on sale so you should probably run, not walk, to your nearest Urban Outfitters and snatch it up. 

Forever 21 gray-wash skinny jeans. I'm guessing I'm really craving a pair of gray skinnies. 

Pull it all together with some slate gray ankle strap booties.

The Trench Coat ensemble. 
Granted this coat would never help you survive a Minnesota winter, but it's such a staple for fall and spring

The coat would look great bundled together with this scarf in any shade. I've never been a fan of scarves with frilly tassles, but other people pull them off quite nicely. 

Cat-eye sunglasses are a great compliment to many face shapes. An outfit goes up about ten style points with this little accessory.  These pair retail for $11 at Fred Flare

That dress with these shoes? A fabulous pairing. 

All outfit ideas from the fabulous WhoWhatWear!

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