Thursday, November 18, 2010

You're Welcome

I can't WAIT to see the new movie Love and Other Drugs. Anytime the preview comes on I literally freeze whatever I'm doing and just stare for the next 90 seconds (I always notice too at the end of the trailer I have a goofy grin on my face...what a nerd). Anne Hathaway is my favorite actress and Jake words. 

Their pictures for the cover of Entertainment Weekly are so sexy, cute, and fun all at once; which is pretty rare. And how comfortable do they look together? They've said in many interviews that they developed a deep friendship after filming Brokeback Mountain together and were overjoyed to work together again on this new movie. Whyyyy do they not date in real life? I see serious potential (and that takes a lot for me to say Jakey G looks good with someone else).

How many girls do you think are photo shopping their head over Anne's right now? 
Not me...that'd be stupid.............................

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