Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Party

I am obviously hot on all things spring today. This is what five hours of sunshine and one day of 45 degrees does to me. When a Minnesotan gets into their sixth month of winter, we start to go a LITTLE loony-tunes. Any hint of flowers, birds chirping, or easter-eggy colors & I produce heavy amounts of drool. Not that you asked, but now you know.

How UNBELIEVABLE is this Garden Party created by Luxe & Lillies? I think this classifies as spring porn; sorry if that's inappropriate, it's true. Let's put on pretty sundresses, eat raspberry macarons, and drink champagne. Even better, let's do it while sitting amongst heaps of peonies, roses, and tulips. 

{All images via Luxe & Lillies}

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