Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Coats on My "A-Girl-Can-Dream" Lust List

I don't know what it is about Toggle Coats but they are all adorable. All of them. Do you NOT see yourself wearing this Steven Alan beauty to every Sunday brunch for the rest of your life? Or to class everyday while it is rainy puddle-jumping season? Yes, me too. (Sigh) If anyone wants to spare me $245 I won't hate you for it. 

PETA would have a heart attack over this coat, but I would hop on this Tory Burch Leopard-print rabbit fur jacket in half a heartbeat if I could. There are few coats that scream, "I AM THE MOST FABULOUS GIRLS NIGHT OUT COAT OF ALL TIME." This is one of those coats. So much glamour, I can't even handle it. I also can't handle the $870 price tag -- and that's the coat being on SALE. Gross. 

Fortunately for myself, I'm a really good dreamer. Currently in the process of hunting down 'less than $100' look-alikes...

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