Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Tis The Season of Color

'Tis the season of color, so you ought to live colorfully, no? Rainbow-y things to do and try...

1. Paint your lips a fuschia pink (look at her eyes POP!)

2. Three words: popsicle shopping spree (Edy's real fruit bars are the best.)

3. Go on a walk and look at all the natural rich colors that exist in this world -- so cheesy, but seriously

4. Decorate your ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

5. Blend up a smoothie with strawberries & mangoes

6. Sip your morning coffee from your most colorful mug

7. Invest in a pair of colorful cropped skinnies (Gap has some very adorable ones)

8. Dress vibrantly for a night out, a la Jessica Alba

9. Bright red toenails anyone?

10. A bold-hued clutch is the perfect accessory. Let it stand out by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral.

11. Throw a bright, colorful, and happy party with your girlfriends. Why? 'Cause you can.

12. Buy yourself a bouquet of tulips to jazz up your room. You deserve it, trust me. 

13. Watch this video & go behind the scenes at one of the most colorful brands out there — Kate Spade, of course!

14. Raspberry sorbet or lemon gelato will cure any bad day (Love those nails!)

15. You are never too old to tie a pretty red ribbon in your hair. Never.

{Images via Sterling Style, Creature Comforts, Cherry Blossom Girl, Who What Wear, Rue}


  1. i want to make those ice cream sandwhiches tonight!

  2. that jessica alba picture has been hanging on my bulletin board since that magazine came out! simply beautiful!


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