Monday, August 22, 2011

6 Things Worth Putting Off Whatever You're Doing (The August 22nd Edition)

  • K, people are just awesome. This guy scuba dived into the tsunami to rescue his wife and mother. Read his story
  • Wonder how that youtube video got over a million hits? The secret behind viral videos is explained
  • I'm the notorious book nerd among my group of friends, so I always get asked for reading recommendations. The website "What Should I Read Next?" suggests books for you based on past ones you've liked. Nifty. 
  • 50 people, one question: where would you like to wake up tomorrow?
  • I watched this EFFING AWESOME video like 5 times in a row, it's fine. Some people's brains I tell ya...
  • Rocky Road Marshmallow Pops. Oh my deeeeear, how scrumptious do you look?

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