Friday, August 19, 2011

Wanderlust: Paris

The number one reason I'm motivated to put a few commas in my future paychecks? Travel. "I want to see the world" is one of the most cliche wishes of all time, but think about it. The world holds millions upon millions of beautiful places and life-changing experiences and you only have one life to see it. It's a rush to think about, isn't it? I want nothing more than one day to live in a house where each room is filled with different travel souvenirs; evidence of my stays in foreign cities. 

Stumbling upon Tory Burch's blog post that detailed an "Insiders' Guide to Paris" sparked a huge wave of wanderlust with me. It's a little too small to read here, but if you head over to her page you can check it out. Make sure to scroll through the rest of her blog; it's definitely one of the best to come from a designer. 

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