Friday, June 1, 2012

Deconstructed state sandwiches....okay, now I'm hungry.

Someone hire this girl. Kelly Pratt, a design student in Chicago, has set out to create some serious sandwich art. She's making (and photographing) a beautifully deconstructed sandwich for every state. She only has about ten so far, which you can see here, but plans to do allllll 50. 

The best part? When you're done drooling you can head to this part of the website, which has the recipe for each. 



  1. somehow I just saw your comment on my russell+hazel post! thanks so much for reading :) These state sandwiches are so cool! I love that the MN one is walleye - so fitting.

  2. This is darling. I love how you deconstructed the sandwiches! great post!


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