Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life lately, according to my iPhone

1. I'm head over heels in love with the city of Minneapolis, if you didn't already know. Taken at Calhoun Beach.

2. Post-beach sushi with friends. Wakame has THEE best sushi happy hour around, the prices are unreal.

3. Some of the most talented women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting; Thao from Parc Boutique, Kate from Wit and Delight, and Wing of Canary Grey. I'm sure the dude at far right is talented also.

4. I take food holidays VERY SERIOUSLY, so naturally for National Doughnut Day I found myself the biggest glazed monster I could. 

5. Pattern mixing brightens my day, especially polka dots and stripes.

6. Sitting around a bonfire with friends and making s'mores OWNS going to a bar. 

7. Ahh, my lovely new bag from Parc Boutique. AND, get this, the inside says "Let them eat cake", WITH a little cupcake embroidered. RIGHT?!?!! My friend Steph so cleverly put it, "If you were reborn as a purse, this would be it." Totes. 

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  1. {LOVE} that 3 of your iphone pics involves Parc Boutique!


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