Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life lately, according to my iPhone

Super convenient that there's a farmer's market every Wednesday outside my class building. It's prompted some pretty healthy cooking. 

So Miss BANANA doesn't look too thrilled here, but I swear this was a great day! Have you tried a blow dry bar yet? They're super fun! If you haven't heard, you pay $35 and choose a "blowdry" style -- you can go bombshell, super sleek, boho, etc. There's no cut, just a wash and a great blow out that lasts three days. Four if you're really talented at avoiding showering.

My friend Emily and I got to attend a fashion show downtown thanks to our boss lady and Karen from Cayetano jewelry. It was pretty hip.

Taking in a Gopher football game on a crisp fall night. That is the best time of all times.

My new little bow ring from Parc. By Boe has to be one of my favorite jewelry lines we carry. Her dainty pieces are just so much cuteness. 

Style Architects gave out these yummy smelling candles at their new space launch party this summer. I have waited SO long to use it (I'm very strict with fall/winter being candle season) and OH MY LANTA it is delicious. It's no ordinary vanilla, it's like a orangey-I-came-from-heaven-vanilla. And yes I have a giant jar of Starbursts in my room. 

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