Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lisa Frank. LISA. FRANK.

Either you know the name and it made the nostalgia lightbulb in your brain flash the fire of a thousand suns, or you don't. When I was little, these acid-trippy colored animals did something to me. It was like the first time I ever felt inspiration, or the love of being a girl and embracing all things rainbow-colored. I had stickers, and folders, and more stickers, and notepads, and pencils and I was like, "WHAT'S UP CHECK OUT MY TECHNICOLORED PANDA EVERYTHING."

Let's get to what's important. Urban Outfitters is now selling VINTAGE Lisa Frank schwag and we all need to buy some if only to tack on our walls because I think it will remind us of times less troubled. 

LISA. FRANK, YOU GUYS. I'm freakin out. 

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