Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Best Advice I've Ever Been Given From a School Text Book

While catching up on some reading for class (such a good student I am) I actually came across something that made me stop and go, "Wow. That is legit inspirational advice. From a TEXTBOOK, no less." These tips of advice are on how to develop your creative instincts. I literally want to cut these out of my book, blow the page up 100 times, and use it as wallpaper:

*Look at things with new eyes

*Hear with new ears. Listen to the world outside of yourself for a change. 

*Ask questions and start learning from people you might not usually consider resources.

*Stop saying or thinking "No." Be more open to possibilities. 

*Keep things in perspective and, at the same time, try to expand your horizons.

*Don't be put off by rules that may not even exist. Don't limit your thinking.

*Get excited about ideas that may change the way you do your business. 

*Inspiration comes easiest to a rested mind. Escape, on occasion, from the daily grind. (This is pretty much the U of M telling me it's okay to skip class once in awhile. I get it.)

*Record ideas whenever they occur. 

*Don't just look for information and ideas in the "normal" places.

*Draw heavily on personal resources - remember the content of your dreams.

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