Monday, February 7, 2011

What Every Fabulous & Cultured Girl Should Know How to do:

Shouldn't every girl know how to order a cocktail in six languages? What a wonderful little trick to have embellished on your list of talents. P.S. The lady above totally knows how to do this, I can feel it. 

a manhattan in english: may i have a manhattan please?
a caipirnha in portuguese: por favor, posso ter uma caipirinha?
a vodka drink in russian: mogna pagalusta napeetak svodkai
a glass of sangria in spanish: ¿puedo tener una copa de sangria?
a glass of champagne in french: Pourrais-je avoir du champagne s’il vous plait?
a glass of wine in italian: 
posso avere un bicchiere di vino?

location is everything.

{via Kate Spade}

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