Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Coveteur

This is Mary Kate Steinmiller, the ever adorable fashion marketing editor for Teen Vogue. The website The Coveteur (please check out this mind blowing site; it peeks into the closets of some of the most elite in the fashion world & will keep you drooling for hours upon hours) recently snuck into her closet to snap photos of her collection of fashionable goodies:

Vibrant statement bracelets Steinmiller made herself for a Teen Vogue photo-shoot. 

A vintage purse handed down from Steinmiller's grandmother.

"Beautiful heels give me confidence and I rarely go a day without wearing them. I think the silhouette of a long leg is stunning."

Beautiful. White lace with hint of sparkle. 

Steinmiller says she favors gold charms and lockets she finds at flea markets and thrift stores. 

See the rest of the images here

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