Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 T H I N G S I L O V E T O D A Y

  • PR maven Kelly Cutrone's second book hits book stores May 3! Kelly says the aim of this book is to "make readers rethink who they are, what they value and what they want from life." (If you haven't read her first book "If You Have To Cry Go Outside" please do. Not to be cheesy, but it just really makes you want so much more out of life.)

  • My new favorite Tumblr, Hungover Owls . Iiiiiit's pretty self-explanatory; owls always just look hungover as hell, and this site writes hilarious captions for them. The caption for this photo is: Focus. In twelve hours, I’ll be drunk again and none of this will matter.”

  • The Texas A&M Women's Basketball coach wins coolest coach of the year for "Dougie-ing" after they beat Notre Dame. 

  • Kate Spade declared green the color of April with this cute, creative & inspiring video. Yup, still obsessed with them.

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