Sunday, April 3, 2011

Did You Know How Remarkable You Are?

"Your eyes change color with you mood. Have you noticed?  Your facial muscles relax, the retina contracts or expands completely changing how your eyes reflect light. Brighter spirits mean bolder hues. Shine on."
"Your collarbone. It reflects strength and fragility all at once. The hollows cradle shadows and the projecting bones reflect light. Light and shade."
"Scars. Symbols and etches of battles or experiences. They fade over time, the ones that didn’t strike so deeply, but some remain and serve as reminders of life lived. Find yours and trace them with the tip of your finger. Tell yourself the story of how they came to be and remind yourself that you survived that pain. As the scars healed, so did you."
"Moles and freckles. Take a pen and play connect the dots on your skin. Which constellations can you see? We are all made of stardust. Isn’t it fitting that we all bear parts of the universe on our skin? Collectively we are one, pieces of a puzzle wandering in Brownian motion occasionally brushing arms with a stranger. Perhaps they are the next piece fitting perfectly into your gaps and making way for your projections. Perhaps they hide the last star to your most brilliant constellation."
"Lungs. Do you know how many years it took for us to evolve those beautiful organs? They brought us from our watery prison to the soil and earth that we stand on. We now know no limits as to where our feet can tread. Air flows in and pools, stretching to the capillaries and out to the millions of alveoli. Breathe in, breathe out. Keep walking on the sturdy ground your ancestors strove to reach."
"Our insides work as a beautiful symphony to the beat of your heart. Lub dub. Each ventricle, each atrium, work together to create that healthy pink, that flush in your cheeks when he or she looks at you."
"Our legs are powerful. No matter how tiny or large, we can saunter throughout our daily lives or skip, jump, and run. Feel the wind on your face as you race through the fallen leaves and feel the frosty air bite harder. But nothing can stop you. It’s just you and the road. Run fast, keep your arms outstretched and race down a hill. Are you sure you’re not flying?" -- Source 
Image via: Gala Darling

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