Saturday, April 9, 2011

W H A T A R E T H E S E ?

I have a newly accumulated home-decor crush on these .. antique looking, half mannequin-ish .. things? Does anyone know what they're called? I foresee one in my future home so it'd be lovely to know what these pretty little things are exactly...

*The mystery has been solved thanks to my ever so intelligent friends, Shane & Claire. They are called 'busts'. Thanks, cuties!

{Photos via Belle Maison}


  1. I believe they are called busts?

  2. Should've known I could count on you :)

  3. Should have known April & I when we lived together in our shitty dumpster diving house by campus -- We lived with a lovely young man named Trever who liked other young men, and we had a few of these babies in our crib. They honest to effing Gosh scared both April & I EVERY time we walked up the stairs, even though...we knew that there was one up there. When its dark...It seems like a person! Plus, we never once locked our front door, side door or garage door. Never. Once. Gods honest truth I never even got a key the whole year we lived there.


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