Thursday, April 7, 2011

D I Y + M A R C J A C O B S

Is the sunshine making me hallucinate? Is this actually kind of sexy? I'm definitely feeling the backwards cardigan and just might try this the next time I'm feeling crafty. 

Before you start...
First things first: the most important part of this project is picking the right cardigan, so make your selection carefully. Remember that the finished cardigan will be worn completely buttoned, so it's imperative that you pick a style that both fits nicely when done up and flatters your frame. Also, be sure to pay attention to your cardigan's neckline; don't forget that you're going to wear it backwards, so a deep-v or low crewneck might show off too much of your back. You'll also want to make sure that the sweater's buttons are on the smaller side, as the new rhinestone buttons will be applied 
over the existing ones. And finally, if chartreuse is not your color, no worries—any other hue will do! Now you're ready to DIY!
-1 crewneck cardigan (we used Old Navy's 
Facet-Button Cardigan ($29.50) in Frog Green)
Rhinestone, vintage, or otherwise interesting buttons (the number of buttons needed will be determined by the cardigan you use)
-Needle and thread
-Glue gun and glue (if necessary/wanted for better button support)
1. Lay cardigan on your workspace and unbutton it.
2. Line up your rhinestone buttons in a vertical pattern next to each buttonhole.
3. Sew the button flush to the seam of the buttonhole corner closest to the inside. (Note that you are 
notswitching out the original buttons, but rather adding larger, more ornate buttons that will sit on top of the pre-existing ones. Your new buttons should be large enough to completely cover up the smaller, original buttons.)
4. After securing the new, bigger, rhinestone buttons, you may need to glue them (using the hot glue gun) to the cardigan so that they lay flat. If so, wait a few minutes for the glue to try before buttoning the sweater.
5. Button up the cardigan. Your new decorative buttons should now fully cover the original small buttons.
6. To style it in a Marc Jacobs fashion, wear the cardigan so that the buttons are facing the back!

** If you guys haven't checked out Erica Domesek's website P.S. I Made This...the time is now. She is a DIY guru. 

Photo via WhoWhatWear, Marc Jacobs runway photo, courtesy of Marc Jacobs; Sweater detail photo, courtesy of First View

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