Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Besides NY Fashion Week and concert festival street style, the Met Gala brings out some of my favorite fashion of the year. To any dudes reading this, this is like the Super Bowl of fashion, does that put things in perspective? Celebrities, designers, and editors gather to bring their sartorial A-game — risks are taken, and uniqueness is encouraged; this is the one time of year where a simple black number will land you on the worst dressed list. 

Last night's gala celebrated '"Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty," the McQueen retrospective opening at the Met's Costume Institute this week,'* and many attendees paid tribute to the late designer by dressing themselves in his incredible designs. Let's take a look at who wore what, and PLEASE tell me what you think in the comments, I'd love to hear!

T. Swift in J. Mendel. She seems to stick to this color scheme a lot, but it works for her. Crazy about the top, not so much about the bottom. 

Mary-Kate Olsen in vintage Givenchy Couture. I will always hate what Mary-Kate Olsen wears . . . if someone else were wearing it. "Did you pick that out blind?" looks work for MKO and ONLY MKO; girl knows how to work a risk. 

Gisele Bundchen in Alexander McQueen. The color is amazing and the train is to-die-for., but this dress is rather safe (for the Met), though I can't deny the gorgeousness.

Miranda Kerr in Marchesa. God, she's adorable. Girls like her are where the "she could wear a paper bag and she'd look good" statement comes from. This dress gets an A+ for creativeness; I'm pretty sure that's embroidered leather right there, and you can't go wrong with embroidered silk tulle. 

Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney. Stunned, stunning, stunnified. Impeccable — nude crystals?! Are you kidding?! Love-fest USA. Paltrow is usually seen in McCartney's designs, I think they're besties. 

Beyonce Knowles in Emilio Pucci. You've done better. 

Blake Lively in Chanel (obviously). Tell us Blake, how does one develop a BFFAEAEAE relationship with thee Karl Lagerfeld? Is he the one that convinced you to die your hair macaroni-and-cheese orange? Maybe he should stick to clothes. Oh right the dress. Fabulous. Grecian is a favorite of mine and I die over that draping job. 

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. I mean let's be honest with ourselves, the woman can do no wrong. She wins "Best Everything to a T" award for the night. Perfect hair, makeup, and accessories to compliment that costume of loveliness. P.S. word on the street is the top part of that dress took over 500 hours to hand embroider. 

Ashley Greene in (custom made!) Donna Karan. Blush tulle + platinum sequins = recipe for success. She looks stunning, per usual.

Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney. Another one of McCartney's celebrity pals, Kate looks so, so, so beautiful in her gold silk dress. She wins best accessory: that adorable pregnant glow. 

Rihanna in Stella McCartney. Oh she never disappoints on the wow-factor, does she? That dress looks like it was tattooed on her; and rarely is that a good thing, but it is here. And K, is it just me or did she go from Pon-de-replay-caribbean-island-chick clothes to high-ass-fashion out of NOWHERE?! Just Sayin'! 

Eva Mendes in Stella McCartney. This particular picture really doesn't do the dress justice. I'm drooling over the rich royal blue, those perfect-sized pleats, and stunning gold accessories. This ensemble has Rachel Zoe written all over it, what a coinky-dink that's who Eva's stylist is ;)

Emma Roberts in Michael Kors. Well she is blossoming into quite the lovely young lady, ain't she? What I love about Emma is that she always dresses her age. If not for that perfectly placed — and sexy, not slutty — cut-out, this dress would have put 20 years on her. Well done Emma, well done. 

Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors. I have no idea why I'm so gaga over this dress. I mean, essentially it's a sexier hot pink snuggie with a slit, right? Maybe it's because she stands out in a sea of nudes, maybe it's because subconsciously I'm not over my Barbie days and nostalgically cling to the hot pink/blonde combo, who KNOWS. What I can put my finger on is that I love how she didn't overdo it with accessories, hair, or makeup. A simple face and nude stacked heels. Gorgeous, my darling. 

Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane. I mean do I even have to say anything? I HEART HER, and she can do no wrong. Let's be friends, Alexa. 

Ginnifer Goodwin in Topshop. DING DING DING! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. I think I stared at this picture for ten minutes straight. Ginnifer was made for this dress and this dress was made for her. That necklace was made for those shoes and those shoes were made for that hair. Everything WORKS. I must get me something in this emerald hue, stat. 

*Alexander McQueen quote from


  1. A. Just started reading your blog about a week ago - A+ my dear! I learn something new every day!
    OK...clothes, my favorite thing to talk about...
    Love T-Swift's top, with you one the bottom,Gisele is yes classic but I would admit, die it white and there is my perfect wedding dress. Kate and Gwyneth, seriously do you have any flaws?? I hope when I have babies I look that damn good!! Marinda - jeeze theres another one - too cute! Now for Blake - you like the draping?...not too crazy about it - too classy meets toga for me. But thats just me!Rihanna - oh wow...where do I get that dress in my budget...I love the black lace!! I could go on about each one of these dresses - but that would be a little intense, so theres a little of what I think!

    Keep up the good work! Love having a little (Cup)cake in my day!

  2. Liz, Liz, we go, are you ready for this one?

    Taylor Swift: I understand the concept of a power color, but that doesn't necessarily have to be EVER color you go after. Take a note out of Elle Woods' book - she didn't ALWAYS wear pink. Especially at an event where you are supposed to be pushing boundaries? And that dress? What kind of a black funeral doily threw up all over an already gross nude dress?

    MKO: You are right, only she can pull it off. And just barely at that. I've seen some other pictures of this dress, and certain angles are hideous. She should really invest in a 360, I'm just sayin.

    Gisele: I absolutely love this dress. I would much prefer it at the Campbell's Soup women's heart health event where it could really stand out, but ultimately I love it.

    Miranda Kerr: I am liking the dress. It works. But not with those shoes. It makes it a little to heavy. With such an airy and free dress, it would have been nice to see a shoe that extended that feeling instead of cutting her off like that. I don't know, I guess it is a styling choice.

    Gwyneth: Is it just me, or have I seen her in this dress before? I agree with you that it is a great look for her and she killed it, but it seems so...typical? Not sure, but I think maybe she should try something new...

    Queen Bey: As much as it kills me to say it, I'm not in love with the dress. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. True, I would have picked another one, but at the same time, she kinda works it, you have to admit. No one could make that dress work like she does and the more I look at it, the more I like the throwback to the 60's and 70's that it is evoking. The Supremes, anyone?

    Blake Lively: Did you decide to wrap a sheet around you? Believe me when I say that I love draping about 90% of the time, but dang! What happened? They ran out of the other fabric, so decided to wrap this around her last minute? It just seems out of place and absentminded.

    Diane Kruger: Another one that I'm not crazy about. I don't hate it, but it isn't anything special to me. With 500+ hours worth of work in the top, I would think it would be a little more Kate Middleton veil-y and less "I glued some washers on nude fabric"-y. Get what I'm saying?

    Ashley Green: I absolutely despise that EVERYONE is wearing nude now, but I love this dress. A+, that's all I have to say.

    Kate Hudson: I am loving this dress on her and that glow she has going on. The one thing I don't like: the accessories. I love details as much as the next guy, but who decided the bird dropping-esque broach in her hair was a good idea?

    Rihanna: In this picture, I like this dress. In other pictures, she is a hot mess. In others you can see her butt crack, a rip in the dress, and that braid? What kind of styling was that? I'm sorry, but this event does not call for a 2-foot braid. Also, I think it is time for RiRi to retire the red hair. Period. Lose it. Gotta go.

    Eva: I'm liking it. That color is to die for, and I think it is very age appropriate. Right on!

    Emma Roberts: I agree with your thoughts. She should give her stylist a raise.

    Brooklyn: She should sue whoever blew that bubble gum bubble and popped it all over her. This dress screams matron that is trying to look younger. I don't know why, but it just irks me. It was a nice attempt, but maybe next year?

    Alexa Chung: Girl, you and I are going to have to agree to disagree about her. Very rarely do I like what she wears and this is not one of those times. It's just too much on too little fabric. Blech.

    Ginnifer: Who decided to place that draping on her hips? I absolutely love the rest of the dress and the styling, but where it hits her hips, I just am not a fan. It makes her look way too Shrek and not enough glam. Sorry, but that was a mistake on her part.


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