Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Next Big Hair-Accessory Trend

Seen on Valentino's Fall 2011 runways, a simple black ribbon headband will be spotted everywhere come autumn. “It’s a little bit Catherine Deneuve, a little bourgeois, and very Valentino,” said Palau, hairdresser that created this look. Here's how to copy-cat: 


1. Blow out hair using Redken Velvet Gelatine for thickness and bounce. 

2. Backcomb hair at the crown for height. 

3. After center parting it, pull it into a low ponytail and wrap a small section of hair around the base to conceal the elastic. 

4. Tye a thin black ribbon over the crown and tie it under the ponytail. 

5. For the final look, pull out some soft tendrils on either side of the centre part.

{photos & directions via: Everything Fabulous}

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