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50 Things to Put You in an Instant Good Mood

Stumbled upon this on I think I will take these all down, checklist style. Join me?

5 0  t h i n g s 
To Put You in an Instant Good Mood

1. Exercise - Even a single workout (cardio, strength training, yoga—take your pick) can give you a boost, relieving stress and releasing feel-good endorphins

2. Eat BreakfastIt will prevent grumpiness and help you perform. No, a single cup of coffee (or tea or soda) does not count.

3. Speak Up“Being assertive enhances self-confidence and shuts down feelings of helplessness,” says Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., the author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. Plus, there’s that little perk of actually getting what you want!

4. Do Less“So many people think, If I do more, then I’ll be happier,” says celebrity life coach Sherri Ziff Lester. “There’s too much doing. We need to do more nothing—just take time to be.”

5. Focus on Making Memories - Researchers found that 57 percent of people reported they were happier when they spent money on an experience (like a vacation or a class), while only 34 percent reported being happier after buying stuff.

6. Go Outside - Remember that big room? With the blue roof and the fresh air? Sometimes the floor is green? Just five minutes walking in the great outdoors has beneficial effects. Notice we said “walking,” not “walking and texting.”

7. Hug It Out - “It’s critical to have some kind of physical affection in your life,” says psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., author of The How of Happiness. “It doesn’t have to be a hug. It’s about the power of touch.”

8. Face Your Challenges - New concept: Actually doing the things on your to-do list. That work thing, that guy thing—whatever it is, get it over with. Studies show that the more you put things off, the more anxious you’ll feel about them.

9. Say Something Nice - Tell that woman on the train how much you love her dress. Look, she’s happy! Now you’re happy! It’s a mini joy explosion caused by her good taste and your nice compliment.

10. Be Grateful - Do not. Roll. Your eyes. Write down the things you’re grateful for. Yes, it’s hokey. But it works—by forcing you to focus on the good things in your life.

11. Set a Smarter Bedtime - DVR The Daily Show (Jon Stewart is just as brilliant in the morning), and get at least seven hours of sleep. You’ll recharge your body and mind to get you ready for the next happy day.

12. Savor Your Snapshots - Those photos of your friends on the refrigerator door and the inspirational quotes taped to your computer? You put those there to make you happy, so you shouldn’t need a scientist to tell you to look at them!

13. The Happy Diet - “Food has a huge impact on your mood,” says L.A. dietitian Ashley Koff, R.D. Here’s what the happy diet includes.

14. Regular Snacks - Eating every three to four hours (no skipping!) keeps your body satisfied and your blood sugar stable.

15. Less White Stuff - Sugar and white flour can lead to an energy and mood crash. Every meal should have whole-grain carbs, protein and a little healthy fat.

16. But No Deprivation! - “When you feel like certain foods are completely off-limits, it’s like one awful, unending diet,” says Koff.

17. Variety, and Lots of It - Say no to the same salad for lunch every day. Our bodies don’t want us mono-eating!

18. The Happy Face - “There have been probably a hundred studies that have shown that if you simply put a smile on your face, even when you’re sad, you can actually produce a happy feeling,” says James Laird, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.

19. The Happy Back - Good posture actually elevates your spirits, says Laird. Instead of slumping, roll your shoulders back and down, stand up straight and pick your chin up; positive feelings will follow.

20. The Happy Foot - About 64 percent of Americans wear shoes that hurt, and close to a quarter spend six or more hours a day on their feet. “If your feet are sore, you’re going to be grumpy,” says Keith Wapner, M.D., president of the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society. He prescribes a good foot rub at the end of the day (research shows it boosts mood all on its own) and stretching out the back of your ankles, which can get overly tight from switching between heels and flats.

21. Know Your Face“This comes to me courtesy of my mother: Know your face well and love it, flaws and all.” —Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter

22. The Power of Touch “I’m a big believer in the power of touch, so we give our clients a great massage—it’s transformational.” —Ted Gibson, owner of Ted Gibson salons

23. Change Your Lip Shade Pink lipstick! I almost always wear red, but when I switch to pink, people smile and tell me I look great. Pair it with a rosy blush—instant happiness.” —Felicia Milewicz, Glamour beauty director

24. Go On, Get Pampered“A great mani-pedi can make a woman happier because it’s pampering, it’s relaxing—and it forces everyone to put down their phone for a little while!” —Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie Cosmetics

25. Oranges Are Key“Scent! Citrus in particular is known to boost happiness.” —Mary MacLean, Glamour executive beauty editor

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