Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I covet this dress from Katie Ermilio with a flaming passion. I want to twirl in it. I like twirling. 

{from emmadime via From Me To You}


  1. Dear Liz,

    I have noticed that you are quite voiced in the realm of women's style. I'm sure that all of the blooming Natalie Portman's and Blake Lively wannabe's take heed of your excellent eye for fashionista worthy faddism, but I would like to turn your attention for but a moment to the throes of being one of the lesser half of your audience (lesser half is indeed an oxymoron). Yes, I am but a puny male bloggaholic, and my demeanor quietly resembles that of Michael Cera despite my aspirations to dress to the effect of the elegant Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Oh, what style has he! How he makes me question my intentions for women with but a measly little toothpick in his mouth! Just the thought of wood in his- OK! Surely you see my point! All desire aside, I have discovered his secret talent, I have unmasked his Zorro, and have learned where he excels: it is in his ability to wear a pair of suspenders. What audacity! His fearless daring in this regard has allowed him to step beyond the universe of us normal human beings, and into a class all his own. So my question for you, Liz, is simply this: How can a pathetic bloggoid like me pull off a pair of rock-solid, authentic, I'll-kick-your-ass-with-words suspenders?


  2. Apologies in taking so long to get back to your well written and equally as entertaining comment. To answer your (what I hope is serious because it's awesome) question, I looked no further than the dashing group of style gurus at Enjoy :)


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