Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Two Favorite Songs Today

Big Sean's story is so cool. He rapped freestyle outside Kanye's studio on the daily, and through a series of little white lies and luck sneaks his way in. Asks Kanye if he can rap for him. Kanye says (annoyed) "Man, no, I'm on my way out." Sean goes, "Fuck you I've listened to you for 8 years and can rap every lyric of every song off every album of yours." Kanye says, "K, you've got 16 bars and you have to rap it while we're walking out." Sean starts rapping and by the time they get to the door Kanye's bobbin his head to the beat and then drops his own verse. The rest is history. That's what I call chasin your dreams. 

Because the weather sucks and I love this song 10 times more on a cloudy day. 

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