Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pay It Forward

When was the last time you did something spontaneously nice for someone? Something that you did without any expectations of it being reciprocated? Sometimes we carry out the day a little more selfishly than we intend (guilty. regularly. "I threw in your laundry with mine, why didn't you buy me cupcakes?" Fair's fair.). There's no better day than today to do something small for someone else, something that doesn't require a lot of time or money. Here are 15 random acts of kindness from Design*Sponge: 

Like helping your lady friend over a puddle, so chivalrous. 

1. Buy the coffee for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru.
2. Pay the fare for the car behind you at the toll booth.
3. Pay the entrance fee for the car behind you at a beach or park.
4. Swipe your Metrocard for the person behind you at the turnstile.
5. Buy the movie ticket for the person behind you in line (at a matinee!).
6. Offer your seat on the subway or bus to a senior, pregnant woman or person with special needs.
7. Help a mother (or father) with an infant or toddler put groceries in her (or his) car.
8. Leave gathered wildflowers on the windshield of your neighbor’s car.
9. Scrape the ice off the windows of other cars on your street.
10. Help someone with a flat tire or impaired vehicle (even if only to offer use of your cell phone, should they lack one).
11. Write a letter of praise to the manager of a store detailing the outstanding service you received from one of their employees.
12. Compliment someone’s smile, eyes, hair, outfit, shoes, etc. (This is one of my MOST favorite things to do!)
13. Allow someone with fewer items to get ahead of you in the check-out line.
14. Let the driver with their turn signal on pull out in front of you.
15. Donate blood.

{photo via: Suz & the City}

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