Monday, January 10, 2011

Ballet Crazed

Does Black Swan still have you on this ballerina obsession too? Though I respect the movie's twisted creepiness, my fascination is more on the dreamy, less on the gothic aspects of the film. Ballerinas represent a level of elegance that most women will never achieve. It's always said that the world of ballet is harsh, and the strive for perfection that you see in Black Swan is obviously overstated albeit semi realistic (can you imagine the stress?). Beyond that, I find ballerinas are both mythical & magic.

This is the apartment of real-life ballerina and designer Jacqueline Appel. To me it seems like the quintessential prima ballerina bungalow. 

Ohhh my LANTA where to begin; vaulted ceilings, that deliciously gigantic painting, glass chandeliers, and feminine muted colors mixed with occasional bursts of brightness.

Lush textures, and high-end shoes on display. 

The most sultry & luxurious apartment with a plethora of princessy things. A perfect home for a glamorous dancer who I envision wearing red lipstick & drinking pink champagne. 

Photos via: Escapade

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