Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Trends 2011, And a Lesson in Dissecting Runway Looks

First of all, keeping up with the swiftly changing clothing trends can be daunting -- and frankly, most people don't care what's in or what's out. But incorporating trends (even subtly!) into your wardrobe can communicate to others (it is the first thing people notice about you, after all) that you're smart, cultured, and relevant; all pluses! 

Secondly, people rarely pay attention to runway trends because 99% of the time, you see a look -- like most of the ones below -- and think, "I'd never wear that." But runway looks are a concept, meant to convey an idea about what will be "on trend" for the upcoming season. Most looks are inaccessible, inconvenient, and unapproachable; and all designers realize this. It's your job to interpret what the designer is saying. 

Take a look at the lineup directly below, and the look at the far right. Tory Burch is not saying, "Striped jumpsuits on crack with loud colors are in style!". Decipher and translate the important themes: color (this palette has bright Starburst colors; tangerines, coral pinks, etc), fabric (what materials are being used? lace, tweed, sequins?), prints & patters (obviously stripes are quite evident here), and the theme (hello, peace-loving 70's!).

Below each collection of runway looks are some ways to incorporate the look into your wardrobe; be it a hat or bag, or a celebrity showing you how to wear the trend in real life.

70's: Wide leg trousers and classic halter tops. Click on the bag or hat for links!

Loungewear Inspired: "Loose and lovely loungewear inspired many a runway with drapey weekend trousers, matching printed tops and bottoms, and nightgown-esque slip dresses"

Mixed Prints: 
hink bigger, louder, more playful and expressive than ever, from the sweet fruit prints at Prada to bold animal prints that were...well, everywhere."

Blocked Color: The palette for the season was super intense with bright orange, turquoise, honeysuckle pink, and yellow dominating. A lot of designers played with pairing multiple intense colors together, which provided a beyond bold effect.

Images Via: Refinery 29, This Time Tomorrow, InStyle, The Sartorialist, Jak & Jill, Kendi Everyday

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