Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Hitched, the Creative Way

Even though my future wedding day is many, many, MANY (marriage frightens me) years away, I am just like every other girl. Whether your wedding was long ago or years into the future, all girls get a little giddy (I know you do!) of that one day when the world revolves solely around you .... and that other dude. 

I love the idea of turning your wedding reception into more of a party, or in the case of this fabulous wedding of Jess & her husband Tom, a 'fest'. More specifically, a "Tom and Jess Fest". Take a look at the bundles of cute creativity yourself: 

Their typewriter 'save the date' has a wonderful vintage touch to it, and how cute is her fish-tail braid?! She's so casual and chic. 

The fold out chairs and tables seem cozy and relaxed not lazy and plain when you include always beautiful peonies and drink jugs with handwritten labels (these were written with wet erase markers, or "chalk pen") and summery drinks contents. 

Powdered sugar doughnuts in a glass case makes everything seem homemade

Grilled corn on the cob? How fun is that?!

See more here

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